You can find updates about the Pilley Broadband scheme below.

Open Meeting/Q&A

Posted 20th August 2015

There will be an open meeting/Q&A session on the Pilley Broadband Scheme held at 18:30 on Monday August 24th at Boldre War Memorial Hall. All are welcome to attend.


  • Overview of scheme, benefits and current funding status - by Oliver Moore
  • Open Q&A
Note - There will not be any BT or Hampshire County Council representatives present.

We hope to see you there.

We urgently need your pledges to make this scheme happen!

August Update

Posted 1st August 2015

Great news! we finally have a scheme that will cover the whole of Pilley and Battramsley. The bad news is that we have an extremely short time to collect the necessary funding. In order to maximise the chances of raising the necessary funding, the scheme has been split into two, Pilley and Battramsley. A summary of both schemes can be seen below and more details on the Pilley and Battramsley detail pages.

We urgently need your pledges to make this scheme happen!

How much should I pledge? This depends on what superfast BB worth to you - For the Pilley scheme an average contribution of £600 from 50% of the households covered will raise the needed finance but pledges of any amount are welcome. The key benefits this scheme brings is that it covers the whole community with known speeds and will be completed in a known timeframe.

What will happen if we don’t do this? The alternative is that Hampshire County Council will upgrade the Pilley Hill cabinet by mid-2018 which will bring Superfast services to residents between Pilley Hill and Pilley Bailey only – the projected coverage can be found here. No further expansion of superfast broadband is planned (e.g. Bull Hill, Battramsley). HCC will run a voucher scheme to apply for satellite internet installation for those with sub-2Mbps speeds. No further community action will be possible until this work is complete. Further schemes are likely to be more expensive per household due to the smaller area covered.

April Update

Posted 22nd April 2015

Since our last update back in March we have continued to work with OpenReach on the actions we agreed. Unfortunately, this has been slower progress than we would have liked. We have received a better view of the speeds that OpenReach estimate will be available via the scheme and this information has been added to the details page.

In March we held a meeting with some residents from Battramsley to introduce the concepts of the scheme. Many thanks to those that attended. The number of attendees was less than we had hoped, but we are continuing to work on how we can include Battramsley in the scheme whilst keeping the funding requirements at a reasonable level.

The website itself has been updated with a few more FAQs, improved presentation and the updated speed estimates. Please have a look and contact us if you have any questions.

We are continuing to engage with OpenReach to finalise the scheme and close the following points:

  • Rerouting Church Lane cabling to increase speed for that area
  • Increasing the speeds available in Bull Hill
  • Verifying estimated speeds in Bull Hill and other outlying areas

We are maintaining pressure on OpenReach to close these points and will keep you updated as to our progress.

Community Meeting and Next Steps

Posted 4th March 2015

Detailed Minutes: Minutes - 20150225

Many thanks to the 70+ people who attended the community meeting with OpenReach on the 25th. It was great to see so many people in attendance and the desire in the community to address this issue. If you were impressed by what you heard, please spread the word with your friends and neighbours in the village and get them to complete the survey or register their interest by email. The more people who are prepared to contribute to this scheme, the more likely it is to happen.

Meeting Summary

  • Oliver Moore (Pilley Resident) presented the benefits of enhanced broadband including video streaming, improved property saleability, better mobile coverage indoors and benefits to self-employment. Details were also presented as to why the Hampshire County Council (HCC) scheme may miss Pilley.
  • Colin Brookes (OpenReach) presented the plan for the improved infrastructure; explaining that the route the fibre would take would pass Battramsley so we should engage the community there to see if they want to participate.
  • Upgraded/new cabinets proposed at:
    • Battramsley (11/3) – New combined cabinet: phone and fibre
    • Pilley Hill (11/1) – Add new fibre cabinet
    • Opposite Burnt House Lane (11/2) – New combined cabinet: phone and fibre
  • OpenReach presented a revised quote including Battramsley of £54,168 + VAT. Also highlighted the risk of Pilley being overlooked by the HCC scheme.
  • Open Q&A with panel and meeting attendees. The FAQ on this site will be enhanced with the answers given in the next week.

Next Steps

  • Residents to supply phone numbers for testing if they have concerns over the speeds they would receive under the proposed scheme.
  • OpenReach to confirm if Church Lane could be connected to the proposed 11/2 cabinet at opposite Burnt House Lane.
  • OpenReach to confirm if houses in Shirley Holms are served by Battramsley cabinet (11/3).
  • Pilley BB scheme committee to engage with Battramsley community to see if there is sufficient demand to fund a cabinet as the fibre run will go past this community.
  • Pilley BB scheme committee to schedule follow up meeting with Pilley and Battramsley residents (if sufficient support) to start fund raising in a May timeframe.

Community Meeting - 25th February 2015

Posted 12th Feb 2015

BT OpenReach will be at Perkins Community Hall in Church Lane on Wednesday the 25th of February at 6.30 pm to discuss the proposed scheme along with Roger, Martin and Oliver - all residents are encouraged to attend. The meeting will give a summary of the proposed scheme, along with some background information from OpenReach. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the scheme with the aim of understanding if there is enough demand in the village to achieve the required funding.